Perforated Stainless Steel Round Head Pizza Peel

Perforated Stainless Steel Round Head Pizza Peel

This pizza peels offers an incredible strength and durability making easy spin pizzas or slide them out of ovens.

This peel features high density polymer handle and sliding grip. Additionally, the head and handle joint has two metals overlaying one another and are secured by three large rivets helping to reduce vibration being transferred to the handle.

The round head provides a large surface area for ease of lifting the pizza, while ribbing in the middle and laterally creates rigidity when the peel is lifted ensuring it can hold even your heaviest pizza! This peel also has a perforated head to help flour release from the bottom of the pizza and decrease friction when sliding the peel under dough.


Overall Dimensions:
Blade Diameter: 9''
Handle Length: 59"
Overall Length: 69"